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Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham are a band from Denmark, name after their charismatic lead singer. While European music fans have known about the band for a few years, they are just now emerging as a stand out artist in the United States.

The band have based themselves out of Los Angeles in recent years, where they have written a self titled album including the hits “7 Years”, “Mama Said” and “Strip No More”. With beautifully crafted pop melodies, laced with hip-hop, soul and folk music, this is a unique blend of music that is garnering huge audiences around the world.

Many of the bands songs are about the struggle to elevate from humble beginnings, and the influence of Lukas dad on his life is particularly clear. These guys are so good they are widely tipped be a best new artist nominee for the Grammy’s.

Hailed by Esquire Magazine and Billboard, they have dominated the music streaming and video services, racking up more than 17 million followers on Spotify, with hit single “7 Years” streamed more than 440 million times! The band now looks set to becoming a top ten artist on Spotify.

As the band begins to attract fans in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Lukas Graham is touring the Blue Album in smaller venues, before returning to play arena size concert venues.

Locally in the United States Lukas Graham tickets are the top selling concert tour right now, with demand exceeding supply!

The band started out in 2011 uploading videos to YouTube where a small group of now loyal fans discovered them. The earliest songs to get radioplay included “Ordinary Things”, “Criminal Mind” and the every popular “Drunk in the Morning”.

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