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Not a lot of bands in the heavy metal industry have enjoyed as much success as Metallica. Formed in 1981, Metallica went on to become one of the leading bands in the Thrash Metal genre, and also one of four bands in the Big 4 of Thrash Metal.

Metallica’s was founded back in 1981 when James Hetfield (vocals and guitar) decided to respond to an ad that was posted by Lars Ulrich (drummer). The two bonded over a love of british heavymetal bands, and this formed the foundation for what was to become the biggest heavy metal band of all time. The current lineup features band members James Hetfield (Lead vocals and rhythm guitars), Lars Ulrich (Drums and percussions), Kirk Hammett (Lead guitar and backing vocals), Robert Trujillo (Bass and backing vocals).

Over the course of their musical career, Metallica has released a total of 10 albums. Metallica become a household named with the release of 1991’s self titled album, commonly known as the Black Album (for its black album cover). 1986’s Master of Puppets album is perhaps the definitive Metallica album, featuring lengthy thrash songs including the opening Battery, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), and the instrumental Orion. The latest album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct has seen fans impressed with the return to the Metallica of old, with thrash metal at the core of the album, and Metallica returning to its roots.

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